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Type with built-in amplifier photoelectric
sensor that can be installed by fiber
First introduction in the world for
Side-view type(thread size: M5 type).

A side-view type of an installation
is the first introduction in the world.
It is possible to install it without
taking space by the fiber sense.
Long distance detection up to 1m
A straight type of through-beam
achieves the long distance of 1000mm.
An environmental specification is

High solidity and durability are performed
by a strong body made of the stainless
It is strong also in the medicine.
Polysulfone lens is adopted as
chemical resistance.
High operativeness
The diffuse reflection type is
equipped with sensitivity adjustment.
(Model: UX-R5V and UX-R5VPN)



Type Models Detection distance
Through beam Straight type UX-T100D NPN output 1000mm
UX-T100DPN PNP output
Side view type UX-T50DS NPN output 500mm
UX-T50DSPN PNP output
Diffuse reflection Straight type UX-R2 NPN output 3~20mm
UX-R2PN PNP output
UX-R3 NPN output 3~30mm
UXR3PN PNP output
UX-R5 NPN output 3~50mm
UX-R5PN PNP output
UX-R5V NPN output
UX-R5VPN PNP output

Ratings and performance Detection method Through beam Diffuse reflection
Type Straight type Side view type Straight type
Models NPN output UX-T100D UX-T50DS UX-R2 UX-R3 UX-R5 UX-R5V
Detecting distance 1000mm 500mm 3~20mm 3~30mm 3~50mm 3~50mm *1
Standard detection object ø4mm Opaque ø5mm Opaque 100 × 100mm white paper
Thread size(screw size) M5 × 5 M6 × 75
Power supply DC12~24V±10%      ripple 10% or less
Current consumption Transmitter: .15mA or less.
Receiver: 15mA or less
Output mode Open collector output
NPN output   ratings: Sink current: 80mA DC30V or less
PNP output   ratings: Source current: 80mA DC30V or less
Operation mode Dark on Light on
Response time 0.5ms or less
Operating angle 2° (receiver side) 10° (receiver side)
Specification Light source Red LED (630nm) Red LED (625nm) Infrared LED (870nm)
Indicator Operation: Orange LED, Stability: Green LED
Sensitivity adjustment SENS.VR *1
Short protection Built-in
Material Case, Nut and Washer: SUS303, Lens: Polysulfone
Connected method Flying lead outer diameter ø2.8   length   2m.
Transmitter: 0.15sq×2 core
Receiver: 0.15sq×3 core
0.15sq×3 core
Mass Transmitter: 30g, Receiver: 30g 30g
Accessory Screw driver
Environmental performance Ambient light 3,000lx or less
Ambient temperature -25 to +55°C (non-freezing)
storage :-30 to +70°C (non-freezing)
Ambient humidity 35 to 85%RH (non-condensing)
Protective structure IP67
Vibration 10-55Hz/ 1.5mm amplitude, 2 hours in X.Y.Z direction for each
Shock 500m/s2, 3 times each in 3 directions
Dielectric withstanding 500VAC for 1 minute
Insulation resistance 500VDC, 20MΩ or higher
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