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Power Source Equipment
- DC-9
- DC-12NI
- AD-10N
- TM-4P
- PU-97
- PU-100
- AD-50


Image Controller & Inspection Equipment


This equipment is for progressive shutter camera.



PU-97 unit not only supplies power source to progressive shutter camera but also supplies synchronized HD and VD signal to the externally connected system unit from power source side therefore externally synchronized operation becomes possible. Also random shutter operation and exposure time control of camera become possible by inputting external trigger signal (Vinit) into unit side of this equipment. Additionally video signal can be taken out from the unit side, therefore remote monitoring and other system configuration become easy.

Connection diagram


Applicable camera FC1300, FC800, FC300, FC300M, FC300H, FC300F
Trigger input BNC terminal and input portion are internally coupled by 4.7kΩ
TTL level, negative logic, minimum trigger input width = 100 µsec
HD/VD input After inputting into EXT.HD/VD terminal (BNC) of power source → input into connected camera by way of camera cable.
(Negative logic and TTL level input) Input impedance is referred to list below.
Power output DC12V ± 10%, 800mA max
Power input voltage AC85V to 132V (usually 100V), 50/60Hz
Power consumption Less than 5W (without camera)
Operating temperature range 0 to 50ºC (Free from due condensation)
Outside dimension 150 (W) × 43 (H) × 130 (D) mm
Weight 650 g
HD and VD receiving terminal impedance at camera side are indicated in list.
Connected camera
FC1300 210Ω 210Ω
FC800 210Ω 210Ω
210Ω 210Ω

Dimensional outline drawing

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