Progressive Shutter Camera

Progressive Shutter Color Camera

Black and White Video Camera

Color Video Camera

Line Sensor Camera

Power Source Equipment
- DC-9
- DC-12NI
- AD-10N
- TM-4P
- PU-97
- PU-100
- AD-50


Image Controller & Inspection Equipment


Power source equipment

This AC adapter is used for outputting DC9V for small size video camera by inputting AC100V.
Ripple component is very small because this unit is regulated power supply unit.
Video camera applicable this power unit.
TM-5 series

Block diagram

Output voltage characteristic


Rating input AC100V, 50/60Hz
Rating output DC9V, 150mA
Ripple voltage Less than 10mV
Iincreased temperature Less than 40ºC (Surface of case)
Operating am -10ºC to +40ºC
Code length 1.9m
Insulating resistance 50 (W) × 41 (H) × 62 (D) mm (body only)
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