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- TL-7400 RCL
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- TL-2048 FD

Power Source Equipment


Image Controller & Inspection Equipment


Digital life sensor pixel number 7400 and video rate 100MHz

Dimentional outline drawing Click here for dimensional outline drawing.
I/F board Click here for connection list for connection with I/F board.


This is video rate 100 MHz most high-speed digital line sensor.
Digital line sensor fitted to camera link.
Connection is possible to the product made by both domestic and international famous frame grabber manufacturing company corresponding to product complied with camera link standard.
Setting change of inner camera can be remotely implemented using RS-232C.


High speed and high definition image can be obtained.
Gain adjustment is easy and variable in 8 steps.
Sharp image is obtainable because variation of odd number and even number is few.
Operation is possible by DC 12V single power source.
The smallest size and lightest product.


Image processing device
Appearance inspection device
Sheet substance surface inspection device
Other allover inspectionEand measuring


Number of pixels 7400
Pixel size 4.7μm × 4.7μm
Length of the Light-receiving element 34.8 mm
Video rate 100 MHz (MAX)
Scanning rate (scan/sec) 12.75 KHz
Line transfer pulse input 78μsec (MIN) 100 Ω terminal built in
Video output (Digital output) Medium Configuration
4 × 8 bit
Sensitivity V/lx.sec 50 (Elements)
Saturation exposure lx.sec 0.13 (Elements)
Dynamic range 2000 (Standard, Elements)
Output ununiformity MAX 10 %
At 50 % of saturation exposure.
Power capacity +12 V ± 0.5 V
Operation temperature range 0ºC to +40
Operation humidity range 85 % MAX
Storage temperature range -10ºC to +65ºC
Weight 380 g
Dimensional outline 64 (W) × 64 (H) × 80.3 (D)
Lens mount Asahi K mount (Standard)
Nikon mount (Optional)
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