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With 2048 pixels and scanning clock of 20MHz
Digital Line Sensor

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This camera is a high-resolution and digital-output type of line sensor that has a linear image sensor.
Its video signal output is in 2 systems; 10-bit digital signal, and analog signal.
Itfs a CCD line sensor camera with 2048 pixels and scanning clock of 20MHz.
External input also is available as for driving clock and line transfer pulse. (RS-644).


Clear and vivid image can be obtained, as there is less variation depending on odd/even number.
It matches well to most of capture boards from other manufacturers, which makes it possible to construct high definition image processing systems.
It is operated with a single power source of DC12V.
Output waveform can be monitored with analog signal output.


Image processing equipment
Width measuring equipment
Appearance inspection equipment Tube-bore measuring equipment
Pattern inspection equipment Length measuring equipment
Dimension measuring instrument Position control equipment
Sheet materials inspection equipment Various types of selectors

Example of uses

Sensitivity wavelength

By connecting TL-2048UFD with capture board in PC, it is possible to use it for both development and field line operation of image processing equipment.


Number of pixels 2048
Pixel pitch x aperture 14 μm × 14 μm
Length of the Light-receiving element 28.67 mm
Video rate 10 to 20 MHz
Scanning rate (scan/sec) max. 9300 times (at 20MHz)
Clock-to-video ratio 2 : 1
Driving clock input 10 to 40 MHz, RS644, 100Ω terminal built in
Data clock output 10 to 20 MHz, RS422
Line transfer pulse input 0.265 to 10 msec, RS644, 100Ω terminal built in
Line transfer pulse output 0.265 to 10 msec, RS422
Video output
(Analog output)
(Digital output)
0 to 2.5 V 75 Ω at terminal
Digital video
(D0 to D9+, D0 to D9-)
RS422 / RS644 standard based
Sensitivity 100
Saturation exposure lx.sec (Element) 0.06
Dynamic range (Element) 2000 (Standard)
Output ununiformity (Element) max. 10%
At 50% of saturation output
Power capacity 12 V ± 0.5 V (450 mA digital output at no load)
Operation temperature range 0ºC to 40ºC
Operation humidity range 85% max.
Storage temperature range -10ºC to 65ºC
Weight 450 g
Dimensional outline 64 × 64 × 136 mm (excl. protrusion)
Lens mount Asahi K mount (Standard)
Nikon mount (Optional)
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