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Film defect detection device having capability detecting targeting variety setting from as many as 99 kinds with only touch panel handling



This device detects various defects on transparent or non-transparent film using CCD line camera in processing line.
Various defect as direct light entering defect, direct light blocking defect, differential entering defect, and differential light blocking defect can be detected by this one unit.
Defect output is issued from each camera when defect is detected.


Setting of variety of inspection on objected film is possible using remote touch panel.
Such settings as various defect detection modes, taking up length, inner operation, and external instruction are easy using touch panel.
Size setting of required various defect detections and detection level setting is numerically possible using keyboard on touch panel therefore correct setting is allowed.
Electric mask and scanning speed of line sensor to set no detection zone at edge portion can be set from controller.

Device structure

Detectable defect

Licenser TL-2048SJB 3 units Foreign substance, bubble, pinhole, and fisheye
Lens FA50mm F1.4 3 units
Projector TP-110F 1 unit
Inverter LSC-L110 1 unit
Control panel TP-9854C 1 unit
Roller detector RP-721i1200P/Rj 1 unit    
Cables   1 set    
Touch panel   1 unit    

Setting drawing

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