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- SC-3N
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- LS-30J
- PC-10J
- OS-20K
- TH-1400
- TH-1400PC
- TP-9854C


Area counter

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This device not only implements binarization of shot image but also calculate white and black area of binarized image within specified religion by window connecting black and white CCD camera.
The device outputs alarm output signal (relay contact) when calculated value is out of upper and lower value range.
Calculated upper three digital values are outputted in BCD code.


Image signal from video camera is divided into area unit by 330 in horizontal direction and by 240 in vertical direction.
Position and size of window to specify area-calculating portion can be changed freely.
Calculated value, slice level, upper and lower limit are displayed on screen.
Up to 10set of set-up values (Classification of such value as slice, window, upper · lower limit value, white and black count) can be memorized.
Changeover of set-up memory frame can be changed remotely.
RS-232C interface is equipped. (Option: SC-3N-RS).


Detection of label presence Detection of label breakage
Detection of character on label Detection of irregular substance in assembly line operation
Detection of missing of various pattern Detection of different type of cap
Detection of dirt on various pattern Inspection of projection pattern
Control of fluid volume As detection device of other different type of area
Constant volume control of raw material    


Image signal from video camera is divided into 240 in vertical direction and 330 in horizontal direction. And each divided area is counted as "1".
Tenth part of calculated value (vertical and horizontal) is displayed.
(Example) When calculated value is 150 (vertical) × 200 (horizontal) = 300000,
Then 30000/10 = 3000 is displayed.
Setting of upper and lower limit for displayed value can be set.
(Example) When upper value = 1500 and lower value = 1000
Relay contact signal is issued at following case
999 ≤ display value (lower limit error)
Display value ≥ 1500 (upper limit error)
Window frame size can be set at suitable size and window position can be set at required position using window setting operation. And calculation is made only specified range.
Inspection operation is implemented every 1 VD (vertical synchronizing time) at (when "VD" is operated) or external trigger input of inspection start (when "TRGD" is operated).
Upper three digital values on count display value are outputted from "USERI/O" connector in BCD parallel data signal.
Three kinds of operations are selective for inspection operation: one is continuous inspection (at "VD" operated) at VD (vertical synchronous time), another is continuous inspection (at "ENBL" inspected) during enable signal is inputting at every VD, and last is synchronized inspection executed with input timing of external trigger (at "TRGD" operated).
Changeover of set-up frame (up to 10 sets) that is externally given 4-bit of parallel input can be executed when parallel remote mode is selected in menu.
Optional device (SC-3N-RS) provides all the setting values change operation from external computer using RS-232C.


Model SC-3N SC-3N-RS
Video signal input · output White and black method complied with EIA, 1.0Vp-p, 75 Ω unbalance
Window Setting is possible at random position on screen by key switch operation on panel.
Window shape is random rectangle shape.
Binalization level Setting is made by key switch operation (100 steps).
Counter Counts white and black portion of binalized image and displays in 4 digits.
Resolving power 1/79,200 area ratio for all monitoring screen area
Maximum countable number of value 65,535 (count value inner device)
Count value output Upper three digits on display panel are outputted in BCD code (12-bit)
Upper and lower limit setting Sets each in 4 digits using key switch on panel.
Maximum setting value is each 6,553 (internally processed value 65,530)
Parallel input Used (4-bit input) for setup memory frame externally selected (0`9)
RS-232C (Purchases optional ROM and installs to use this function.) Standard setup: various setting, data readout are possible
Power supply AC 100 V ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz
Usage ambient temperature -10ºC to +40ºC
Dimensional outline 320 (W) × 88 (H) × 330 (D) mm
Weight 3.5 kg
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