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Simplified defect detection device suitable at inspection line by facilitated inspection

Dimentional outline drawing Click here for dimensional outline drawing.
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This device can execute loop control, edge positioning control, and width measuring with non-contact method by connecting JB series line sensor to the device.
Pixel number of licenser corresponding to shielded state of measuring objected substance is measured and the result is outputted in analogue current and analogue voltage.
Also output voltage is digitally outputted in 12-bit. (Output voltage is digitally outputted in 11-bit when TL-2048SJ/HJ is connected.)


Two analogue output systems are provided: one is current output system and another is voltage output system.
Meter is provided to monitor current output.
There are three measuring modes are available: first is falling edge output at light shielding, second is startup output at light shielding, and third is overall output at light shielding.
Signal due to dust, etc. can be removed.
Measuring area can be set.
Alignment display is provided to make matching with optical axis of camera and projector.
Calibration function is provided to check analogue output easily.
Digital data output is possible.

Resolving power

Bit number and analogue output of camera will be as following.
Camera bit number
Analogue minimum Analogue maximum Resolving power per bit
I = 4.00mA
V = 0.00V
I = 19.99mA
V = 9.99V
1/2048 0.0078mA/bit
5000 *2
I =4.00mA
V = 0.00V
I = 20.00mA
V = 10.00V
1/4096 0.0039mA/bit
*1. Analogue value per one bit is calculated value and significant figure is neglected. Use the figure as reference
*2. Measuring area is automatically set and measuring is made within the range of maximum 4096 pixels among pixel of 5000.


Connection possible licensor camera TL-2048SJB, TL-2048HJB
Camera is set to external clock and external synchronization
Clock supplied to camera 6 MHz
Scanning synchronous supplied to camera 0.2ms (5KHz) ∼
9.9ms (101KHz) ∼
Setting is possible every 0.1ms using DIPSW.
Output current 4 mA to 20 mA RL = 0 to 400 Ω
Power supply 0 V to +10 V Output impedance 51 Ω
10mA MAX
Output accuracy Less than 0.1%
Response speed Equivalent to scanning synchronizing of camera Analogue output is renewed every scanning frequency
Operational power supply AC 100 V ± 10 %, less than 20 VA
Operating ambient temperature 0ºC to +40ºC Free from due condensation
Dimensional outline 110 (W) × 250 (H) × 185 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 2.8 kg
Connecting method Input / output … Terminal block
Camera … D sub connector
Meter accuracy ± 2.5 %
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