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Simplified defect detection device suitable for inspection line with simple operation

Dimentional outline drawing Click here for dimensional outline drawing.
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Simplified defect detection device suitable for on-line inspection that allows real time defect detection in low cost and small in size.
Pinhole and scratch on glass, film, copper foil, and aluminum foil under manufacturing processing can be detected accurately and result is outputted in relay contact or open collector.
Defect on various sheet form substance can be detected by connecting J series line sensor of our company and fluorescent light in high frequency lamp lighting method.
Device is designed that malfunction is prevented even thickness of objected substance is fluctuated or dust is adhered on lighting source of fluorescent lamp.


AGC circuit is equipped to respond to thickness and color change of objected substance.
Function to judge the size of defect is provided.
Signal removable function due to dust on light source that is inconvenient to defect detection is built-in.
Effective inspection width and edge no-detection zone width are freely adjustable.
Monitor function to allow easy confirm checking of optical axis is provided.
Installation of plural inspection units allow enlarged inspection width.
Mounting of device is simple and no additional floor space is required for installation.
Connecting optional printer allows print out defect information.


Detection of foreign substance, foam, and scratch-drip that are arisen from manufacturing process of glass.
Detection of fish eye, foreign substance, and pinhole of film.
Detection of pinhole, black point, dirt, foreign substance, and streak of paper sheet.
Detection of pinhole, foreign substance, and foam of plastics sheet.
Detection of pinhole, dirt, and scratch of aluminum sheet, copper plate, and steel plate.
Detection of foreign substance and scratch of floppy disk and DVD disk.

Various functions

AGC (Automatic Gain Control) function
Stabilized detection is possible even light intensity of light source and surrounding are varied 50%.
Differential amplifier function
Minor defect is amplified and stabilized detection is executed.
Slice level setting
Setting of slice level to determine detecting defect level is set by plain digital switch.
Size of defect judgment function
Detecting required defect size can be set using digital switch.
Setting of inspection width and edge no-detection zone width can be set.
Dust on light source cancel function is equipped.
Gate function
Detecting operation is stopped during gate terminal is short-circuited.

Operation explanation

Video signal from line sensor is received, light entrance pixel number (or light shield pixel number) is calculated, and signal (relay contact or open collector) is issued when the pixel number is exceeded numeral range determined by panel plane setting.
Counting of pixel is executed every scanning and judgment mentioned above is implemented.
This device has many check function and setting function. Please utilize these functions effectively.


Amplification · DC amplification
· Differential amplification
Analogue level judgment · Light entrance slice level
· Light shielding slice level
Setting · Light entrance defect width setting
· Light shielding defect width setting
· Mask width setting
· Inspection width setting
· Dust cancel setting
· Edge no-detection zone setting
· Scanning frequency setting
Gate signal Inspection/stop command signal
· Open collector or dry contact
· At released c Inspection
· At short circuit c Stop
Output · Relay output
· Open collector output
Operational power supply AC85 to 130V/50 to 440Hz
Power consumption Approx. 15 W
Operating ambient temperature 0 to 45ºC
Dimensional outline 250 (W) × 110 (H) × 250 (D) mm
Weight 6 kg
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