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NC241M series

Small size C-MOS video camera used for general purpose and multi-media input sensor

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NC241M series


This is white and black video camera small in size, light in weight, and low power consumption designed to use such applications as general monitoring, visitor confirmation, multimedia input sensor.
Exclusive lens provided type, pinhole lens provided type, and CS mount type are available in NC241M series.
Video signal is outputted in lead wire method when DC 9V is applied.
Automatic aperture operation is possible even manual aperture lens is used because electronic automatic aperture is equipped for all types. (NC241MS)


Body of camera is small in size 40(W) x 40(H) x 25(D) mm (without including lens).
Weight is as light as about 60 grams for dedicated lens type and about 70 grams for CS mount type.
Mounting is possible using usual screws, pan of semi fixing, tilt adjustment, wall mounting, and ceil mounting is facilitated comparing with conventional tripod stand mounting method.
Case is insulated.
Low in cost.



General monitoring NC241MS
CS mount
f = 3.8mm with lens
f = 6.0mm with lens
f = 3.7mm with pinhole lens
f = 3.7mm with pinhole lens
f = 3.7mm without bracket
Barcode readout
Visitor confirmation
Multimedia input sensor

Field angle of lens provided camera

Approximate shooting range at distance to object is as follows.
Model/L 0.5‚ 1‚ 5‚
NC241MT 0.7 (H) × 0.5 (V) 1.4 (H) × 1.0 (V) 7 (H) × 5 (V)
NC241MU 0.4 (H) × 0.3 (V) 0.8 (H) × 0.6 (V) 4 (H) × 3 (V)
NC241MP 0.7 (H) × 0.5 (V) 1.4 (H) × 1.0 (V) 7 (H) × 5 (V)
NC241MPS 0.7 (H) × 0.5 (V) 1.4 (H) × 1.0 (V) 7 (H) × 5 (V)

CS mount camera

CS type lens in market is applicable in NC241MS.
C mount lens is applicable when optional close-up ring (CR-5) for C mount is used.
Use various lens for 1/3 inch.


Image pick-up device Interline transfer 1/3" size C-MOS
Nnumber of pixels: 510 (H) × 492 (V)
Scan method 2 : 1 interlaced scan 525 lines
Image signal output 1.0 Vp-p negative sync., 75 Ω unbalance
Synchronous method Inner synchronous (Horizontal: 15.734 KHz, Vertical: 59.9 Hz)
Resolution Horizontal: More than 380 (TV) lines typ.
Vertical: 350 (TV) lines typ.
Min. luminance on objects 0.5Lux (F = 1.2, without IR cut filter)
Standard illuminance 400Lux (F = 4, without IR cut filter)
Gamma control 0.45 typ.
AGC More than 18 dB
ALC Electronic aperture (linear control 1/60 to 1/15000 sec.)
Supply voltage DC 9.0 ± 1.0 V
Consumption current 30 mA typ.
Lens f = 3.7 mm (with pinhole lens NC241MP)
f = 3.8 mm (with lens NC241MT)
f = 6.0 mm (with lens NC241MU)
Lens mount CS mount (NC241MS)
Operating temperature range -5 ºC to 50 ºC
Storage temperature range -10 ºC to 70 ºC
Operating humidity range Less than 80 %
Outside dimension 40 (W)× 40 (H) × 25 (D) mm (without lens and bracket)
(body + bracket)
Approx. 60 g (with lens)
Approx. 70 g (for CS mount)
Readout method Field
Lead length 20 cm
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