Progressive Shutter Camera

Progressive Shutter Color Camera

Black and White Video Camera
- NC 18
- NC 300 A
- NC 241 M Series
- TM 524 NA
- NC 300 AIR

Color Video Camera

Line Sensor Camera

Power Source Equipment


Image Controller & Inspection Equipment


This is zoom-up video camera that enlarged image can be obtained without using zoom lens at distant location.

Dimentional outline drawing Click here for dimensional outline drawing.


About 2.5 times enlarged screen is available comparing with usual 1/2-inch video camera with this video camera.
Video signal is available by applying DV 12V in small size and lightweight.
Suitable camera for partial monitoring system required for partial enlarged monitoring.
Convenient to monitoring of manufacturing line and partial monitoring where observation is difficult because this camera is designed for industrial use.


Main body of camera is as small as 22 (W) x 25 (H) x 105 (D) mm.
Handling is very simple as though camera is a sensor. It can be mounted using M4 screw.
Large power source is not required because power consumption is low.
Lens is C type mount.
Structure is robust.
Lead wires are used for power source and signal communication.


Monitoring of the meter for plant located at difficult spots to observe.
Continuous monitoring of wearing portion
Monitoring of moving portion
Monitoring of liquid volume
Monitoring of slack of sheet material
Monitoring of gap
Monitoring application of instrument
Assembling jig for precision equipment
State confirmation on conveyor line


1. Basic set model NC18-1
Composed of video camera body with C mount adapter and connector for power source connection. C mount lens on hand can be utilized.
2. Lens set model NC18-S3
Small size plastics lens, camera body, AC adapter, and extension cable for video and power source (each 10 meter) are provided as a set.
Very convenient to use at limited mounting space because lens is small in size.
Lens set model NC18-C16
  C mount lens, camera body, AC adapter, and extension cable for video and power source (each 10meter) are provided as a set. This set is useful for good enlarged screen.


Image pick-up device Interline transfer 1/5" size CCD
Total pixels: 381 (H) × 506 (V)
Effective pixels: 362 (H) × 492 (V)
Synchronous method Internal synchronization
Scan method 2 : 1 interlaced scan
Video signal 1Vpp 75 Ω unbalanced
Resolution Horizontal: More than 300 (TV) lines
Vertical: 300 (TV) lines
Standard illuminance 150 lux, F = 4, 3200ºK, without shutterv
Min. luminance on objects 0.3 lux (F = 1.4)
S / N More than 46 dB
Shutter Electronic iris (Linear control 1/60 to 1/100000 sec.)
or electronic shutter (1/60 to 1/100000 sec.)
Iris window Central intensified photo measuring/overall photo measuring
Gamma 0.45/1.0
AGC AGC + 12 dB or more
· EML-328 (plastic lens) f = 3.8mm, F = 2.8
· ECLS-1616 f = 16mm, F = 1.4
· ECLS-2516 f = 25mm, F = 1.6
· ECLS-5028 f = 50mm, F = 2.8
· ECLS-7539 f = 75mm, F = 3.9
Supply voltage DC12 V ± 10 %
Consumption current 7 5 mA typ
Operating ambient temperature 0 ºC to 50 ºC
Storage range -10 ºC to 60 ºC
Operating ambient temperature 0% to 70% (There should be no dew formed nor freezing.)
Impact resistance 70 G
Vibration proof 7 G (11 to 200Hz)
Outside dimensions 22 (W) × 25 (H) × 105 (L) (without lens and cables)
Weight Approx. 150 g (without lens and cables)
Cable 2 m
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