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Unique, compound eyes sensors
768-point compound eyes and projected pulse floodlight detect the object's size, area, quantity and location.




Models VS-S20R VS-S50RNF
Detecting distance 80 to 200mm 100 to 500mm
Detecting Area(field of view) 100(H) x 75(V) mm at distance 200mm 250 (H) x 180 (V) mm at distance 500mm
Detecting resolution Detected points within detected area(field of view) 768 point = 32 (H) x 24 (V)
Minimum detectable object At distance 200mm, with ZOOM x 4, φ1mm
Power supply DC24V 10%, Ripple less than 10%
Power consumption Less than 300mA
Output NPN Open collector 2 outputs
  Sink current 50mA Max(DC30V Max.), residual voltage 2V or Less
Input Input 2 Points /Rating : 5mA DC24V
Response time 25 to 55ms(depending on processing time)
Mirror surface rejection Yes No
Light source(wave length) Red LED (639nm)
Receiver element Photo diode array
Display LCD Display
Operating switch Push-button switch x 3 (UP, Down, Enter)
Material Body: Aluminum / Lens: Acrylic: Front and back panel: ABS
Wiring 6-pin water-proof plastic connector
Weight Apx. 250g
Accessories Cable with connector (0.2mm 2 x 6 Core, Cord 2m length), Users manual
Operating temperature -10 to +45°C
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