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Synchronization line is unnecessary.
Robust metal enclosure and yet super slim type of slightly 13mm.
2 groups of eye-friendly and large-sized job indicators.
Fault indicator.
Lighting operation is selectable.
Common use for NPN/PNP
NPN or PNP can be changed by a switch inside of the sensor unit, which contributes to
reduction of product inventory.


Model No. Set model SSP-T205 SSP-T210 SSP-T213 SSP-T216
Transmitter SSP-TL205 SSP-TL210 SSP-TL213 SSP-TL216
Receiver SSP-TR205 SSP-TR210 SSP-TR213 SSP-TR216
Detection Through-beam
Range 2 m (Max.)
Detection object φ35 mm (Min.)Opaque object
No. of optical axis 5 10 13 16
Detection width 100mm 225mm 300mm 375mm
Optical axis pitch 25 mm
Power supply 12 to 24VDC ±10 %, Ripple 10 % (Max.)
Current consumption(Max) 130mA 140mA 150mA 155mA
Output mode NPN / PNP output selectableRating : Current 50mA (30VDC)Max. Residual voltage2V or less
Operation mode Light-on/Dark-on selectable
Job indicator input Non-contact or contact in put
Standard Light_on: 35 ms Light_on: 68 ms Light_on: 70 ms Light_on: 94 ms
Dark_on: 25ms Dark_on: 42ms Dark_on: 42ms Dark_on: 58ms
Light_on: 45 ms Light_on: 84 ms Light_on: 88 ms Light_on: 116 ms
Dark_on: 28ms Dark_on: 52ms Dark_on: 54ms Dark_on: 72ms
Light source Infrared LED, Wave-length 880nm
Indicator Transmitter Power indicator (Green LED) / Job indicator (Green LED)
Receiver Stability indicator (Green LED)/ Dark indicator(Orange LED)Unstability indicator (Green LED)/ Job indicator(Green LED)
Job indicator Lights/Flickering selectable / Lighting speed switch (Fast/Slow)
Short circuit protection Built-in
Interference protection Built-in (within 2 sets)
Material Enclosure: Aluminum,Lens : Polycarbonate,End plate: Resin
Wiring Flying lead(Outer dia.F4.1) 2 m length
Transmitter:0.2mmQ~3 cores(Gray)
Receiver   :0.2mmQ~4 cores(Black)
Transmitter 105g 160g 195g 225g
Receiver 110g 170g 205g 240g
Incidental function Automatic sensitivity correction function

Ambient light 10,000 lx (Max.)
Operating temperature 10 to 55°C (Storage: 25 to 70°C)
Operating humidity 35 to 85 %RH
Enclosure protection IP 62
Vibration resistance 10Hz to 55Hz, 1.5mm Amplitude,2 hours, X,Y and Z directions
Shock resistance 500 m/s 3 times X,Y and Z directions
Dielectric strength 1,000VAC for 1 minute
Insulation resistance Min.20 MΩ (at 500VDC)

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