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The inclining clear glass is surely detected.
It is the best for the burial in the robot hand.
Thin sensor of 4mm in thickness
Stability detection in warp and inclination of the glass
Two LED is used for the transmitter



Detection method Detecting distance Model Operation mode Output mode
Diffuse-reflective type 20mm ASG-S20R Light-ON NPN Open collector
Limited reflection type 3-15mm ASG-Z15R




Type ASG-S20R ASG-Z15R
Detection method Diffuse-reflective sensor for glass detection Limited zone-reflective sensor for glass detection
Detection object Transparent glass
Detecting distance Transparent glass 20mm max. 25 mm max. (*) Transparent glass 3 - 15 mm 18 mm max. (*)
Power supply 12~24V DC 10% / Ripple 10% max.
Light source 2 red LEDs
Current consumption 25 mA max.
Operation mode Light-ON
Output mode Control output NPN open collector output
Rating Sink current 50 mA (30 VDC max.)
Short circuit protection Provided
Indicator Operation indicator : orange LED
Response time 0.5 ms max.
Connection Permanently attached cord (0.15 sq. 3 core 2m length)
Mass Approx. 30 g

(*) The maximum distance means the distance to the farthest part of an inclined transparent glass. This sensor does not have a sensitivity adjustment volume and must be used with no object interfering with the detection in the surrounding area.

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