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Easy to handle M18 cylinder type

Amplifier built in type, easy setting
Not influenced by the background
This is a f18mm cylinder shape amplifier built-in type analogue distance sensor that uses micro ultrasonic elements.

Model US-S25AN
Detection Reflection type
Range 6-25cm ± 1cm
Object Resolution 30×30mm (t=1 Aluminum Plate Sample)
Power Supply 24V DC ± 10%, Ripple 10% (Max.)
Current Consumption 25mA (Max.)
Responce Time
10V- 2V: 30ms (Max.)
2V -10V: 300ms (Max.)
Output Mode
Analog output V = 2.2 - 10V
Source current I = 10mA(Max.) output voltage 10V
Resolution Power 2mm = 80mV (Min.)
Linearlity ±5% / FS(Full Scale) Max.
Temperature 0.025% FS (Full Scale) / °C
Ultrasonic Wave Frequency 360 kHz ± 15 kHz
Led Indicator None
Case Material Polycarbonate
Connection Flying lead (Outer dia 4mm) 0.2sq×3 cores 2m
Weight (Max.) 65g (Max.)
Protection Output short curcuit protection
Power suplly reverse connecting protection
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