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Light axis interval 80mm.

Anti Interference feature for adjacent installation. (M/S switching)

Longest -in-class detecting distance of
15 m.

Large indicators.




Detection method Detecting distance Light axis interval No. of light axes Detecting width Set model No. Operation mode Detecting object
Throughbeam type 3~15m 80mm 2 80mm SS80-T2

- A (activated when beams of all axes are received)/O (activated when beam of any axis is received) switching

- M/S switching M: master S: slave (For prevention of interference between adjacently installed units)

Opaque object of 92mm min
4 240mm SS80-T4
6 400mm SS80-T6
8 560mm SS80-T8
10 720mm SS80-T10
12 880mm SS80-T12
14 1040mm SS80-T14
16 1200mm SS80-T16
18 1360mm SS80-T18
20 1520mm SS80-T20
22 1680mm SS80-T22
24 1840mm SS80-T24

Set model No. Discrete model No. Length Description
SS-H5 (Accessory) SS-H5L (for transmitter) 5m Cord with connector (6.8mm outer diameter, four 0.5mm2 cores, gray (transmitter) or black (receiver) covering)
SS-H5R (for receiver)
SS-H10 SS-H10L (for transmitter) 10m
SS-H10R (for receiver)

Series SS80 series
Detection method Through-beam type
Detecting distance 3-15m max.
Detecting object Opaque object of 92 min.
Light axis interval 80mm
Power supply DC12-24V 10%
Power supply NPN open collector output Rating: sink current 100mA (30VDC) max.
(PNP output type (model No. ending with -PN) is separately available)
Operation mode A/O mode switching A mode: activated when beams of all axes are received (deactivated when beam of any axis is blocked)
A/O mode switching O mode: activated when beam of any axis is received (deactivated when beams of all axes are blocked)
Response time 15ms max.
Light source (wavelength) Infrared LED (880nm)
Light-sensitive element Photo transistor
Indicator Transmitter: Power indicator (green LED) / M/S indicator (red LED) / Light axis alignment indicator (green LED)
Receiver: Operation indicator (red LED) / Stable light reception indicator (green LED) / Light axis alignment indicator (green LED)
Switch (SW) Transmitter: M/S mode switch providedReceiver: A/O mode switch provided
Auxiliary functions Anti Interference feature for adjacent installation, output short circuit protection
Material Case: aluminum / Front cover/lens: Acrylic
Connection Permanently attached cord with connector (cord length: 0.2m) / Cord with connector
Cord: with four 0.5mm2 cores (Outer dimension: dia.6.8)
Accessory Cord with connector (cord length: 5m), mounting brackets, operation manual
Notes (PNP output type is separately available.)
Environmental Specification
Ambient light 9,000lx max.
Ambient temperature -10~+55(non-freezing)
Ambient humidity 35-85%RH (non-condensing)
Protective structure IP66
Vibration 10 - 55Hz / 1.5mm amplitude / 2 hours each in 3 directions

Specification by model
Set model No. No. of light axes Detecting width Current consumption (mA) Mass (about in g)
Transmitter Receiver
SS80-T2 2 80 50 250g max.
SS80-T4 4 240 56 350g max.
SS80-T6 6 400 63 450g max.
SS80-T8 8 560 69 550g max.
SS80-T10 10 720 75 650g max.
SS80-T12 12 880 82 750g max.
SS80-T14 14 1040 88 850g max.
SS80-T16 16 1200 95 950g max.
SS80-T18 18 1360 101 1050g max.
SS80-T20 20 1520 107 1150g max.
SS80-T22 22 1680 114 1250g max.
SS80-T24 24 1840 120 1350g max.
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