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Digital Devices
- SRB20
- SRB-7448
- ANP-5D/6D
- ANP-1F


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SRB-7448 SERIES Shift register

800-bit support
Sensor power supply integrated
(12 VDC 150 mA max.)
More than one sensor may be directly connected



TYPE Head terminal type
Model SRB-7448 (-H) *
Bit Count Variable between 1 and 800 bits
Power Supply 100-240VAC 10% 50/60Hz
Power consumption 10W max.
Input signal(common to all inputs) Open collector: L level: ON; H level: OFF
Voltage: L level: 0-1 V; H level: 6-30 V
Data Input LEV: activated at L level (minimum input pulse width: 25 ms) *
TRI: activated at trigger level (minimum input pulse width: 25 ms) *
Shift input Shift at H -> L (fall) Minimum input pulse width: 25 ms
Reset input Reset at L level Minimum input pulse width: 25 ms
Power supply to sensor 12VDC 150mA
Operation Mode LEV: ON-OFF operation (shift input synchronized)
TRI: one-shot operation (variable between 0.1-3 seconds)
Output Mode Photo-MOS relay 1a 220 VAC/DC 50 mA
Connection Terminal block (with M3.5 screws; terminal block width: 8.1 mm)
Case material ABS resin
Mass 150g max.
Notes °*-H at the end of the model No. indicates high-speed model with the minimum input pulse width of 1.5 ms.
°DIN rail (35 mm) mounting or screw mounting.
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