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Widely used LED type

By being encapsulated with resin, the unit has easily passed IP67(IEC), which enables the unit to be washed in water if required by the machine in which the sensor is built.
The light IN indicator(red) and the stability indicator(green) are visible from all directions, so the operation can be checked remotely.
It is the best for the detection of a concealment mark and a fluorescent mark.
In the resin filling,, excelling in water-proof and solidity bodies.



Models Basic type GR12R GR12G - -
Side-on type GR12RS GR12GS GR40R GR60R
Detection Convergent beam
Range 12mm±2mm 2~7 cm 2~9 cm
Object resolution -
Power Supply 12-24V DC ± 10%, Ripple 10% (Max.)
Current Consumption 25mA (Max.) 30mA (Max.) 25mA (Max.)
Output Mode (Max.) NPN Open corrector
Rating:Sink current 100mA(30VDC) *1
Operating mode Light-On/Dark-On Selectable
Resource time(Max.) 1msec.
Min. Detecting mark 1mm
Spot diameter φ1mm φ1.5mm *2 φ4mm *2
Min. detecting 1mm 1mm - -
mark width Black mark on white base Red mark on white base - -
Light source
Red LED (680nm) Green LED (568nm) Red LED (660nm)
LED indicator Light (Red) , Tolerance(Green)
Sensitivity adjust Built-in Potentiometer
Circuit protection Built in short circuit

*1 PNP output is available (without short circuit protection).
*2 Sensing range : 40mm.

Detection Zone convergent beam
Range 12mm±2mm
Power Supply 12 to 24VDC±10%, ripple 10% (Max.)
Current Consumption 26mA(Max.) 33mA(Max.)
Output mode
NPN open collector PNP open collector
Sink current 100mA DC30V(Max.)

Source current 100mA DC30V(Max.)

Operating mode Light-on/Dark-on selectable
Response time

1ms (Max.)

Light source

Ultraviolet (375nm)

Indicators Light indicator (Orange LED), Stability (Green LED)
Circuit protection Short circuit protection built-in
Sensitivity Adjustable by 4-turn potentiometer
Materials Case : Polycarbonate, Lens : Glass
Cable Flying lead(Outer dia 4.2mm) 3m length
Weight (Max.) 100g
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