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Long distance detection of 1m and 2m.

The teaching function is installed.
The distance measurement method by PSD is adopted.


Models DA-S100RTC DA-S200TC D-S100RP DA-S200P
Detection Background suppression
Range 0.2~1m 0.2~2m 0.2~1m 0.2~2m
Adjustable range 0.4~1m 0.4~2m 0.4~1m 0.4~2m
Power supply 12 to 24VDC±10%, Ripple 10% Max. AC/DC24 to 240V±10% 50/60Hz
Current consumption 45mA (Max.) 2.5W (Max.)
Output mode NPN/PNP open collector 2 outputs
Rating: 100mA DC30VMax.
NPN: Sink current
PNP: Source current
Relay output 1a
Rating: 3A AC250V (Max.) Resistive
3A 30VDC (Max.) Resistive
Circuit protection Short circuit protection built-in -
Operating mode Light-on/Dark-on selectable
Timer On-delay/Off-delay selectable
Delay time 0 ~ 5s adjustable
Response time 5ms Max. 20ms Max.
Hysteresis 10% Max.
Light source Red LED(650nm) Infrared LED(880nm) Red LED(650nm) Infrared LED(880nm)
Indicators Operation indicator: Orange LED,
Stability: Green LED, Error: Red LED
Materials Acrylic Polycarbonate Acrylic Polycarbonate
Cable Flying lead 2m M8 connector
Weight (Max.) 200g
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