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The CS-D3 series color sensor is designed to detect the colors only which were recognized by an initial setting (teaching).

3-colors selection by Bank changeover switch.
Mix teaching enables to combine some max./min. values which were obtained by separate sample color teaching.



Model LED Color sensor-Amplifier unit
Detection method Time sharing spectrum measurement by red/green/blue LED
Dtection range Depending on fiber unit
Detection spot Depending on fiber unit
Power supply 12-24V DC ± 10% Ripple 10% or less
Power consumption 1.6W or less
Response time Normal mode (NML):1msec or less
Average value mode (AVE):5msec or less
Output NPN open collector PNP open collector
Rating Sink current 100mA (30V DC) Max. Source current 100mA (30V DC) Max.
External input Non voltage input Input time:60msec or more
Standard color 3 colors(selected by Bank changeover switch)
Tolerance range 9 degrees
Discrimination COL(Color element) / C + Y(Color element + Brightness)
Teaching Auto(AUT)/Manual(MAN)/Mix(Mix)
Timer Non(NON)/Off-delay(OFD) Approx. 50msec
Light source Red/Green/Blue LED
Receiving element Photodiode
Power indicator(RUN):
Yellow LED-Lights when poweris supplied Flashes under teaching
Operation indicator(OP.):
Orange LED-Lights when output is issued Flashed under mix teaching
Stability indicator(STB):
Green LED Lights for stable detection Flashes under auto teaching
Error indicator(ERR):
Red LED-Lights for teaching error Flashes for sensor trouble
Circuit protection Short circuit/Reverse connection of power supply protection built-in
Case Protection IP65(with fiber unit attached)
Materials Case: Heat-proof ABS Cover: Polycarbonate
Connection Lead wire (Outer dia. φ4.5) 0.2sq×4core 2m length
Weight 100g or less
Operating Temperature -10 ~ +55°C (without condensation)
Operating humidity 35 to 85% RH
Vibration protection 10 to 55Hz Multiple amplitude 1.5mm XYZ directions/each 2 hours
Shock protection 500m/S2(approx.50G) XYZ directions each 3 times
Voltage protection AC 1000 V for 1 minute
Insulation resistance 500V DC mega 20O or more
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