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- SRB20
- SRB-7448
- ANP-5D/6D
- ANP-1F


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ANP-5D/6D SERIES Comparator(for analog output sensors)

Capable of high-accuracy analog control
High-speed sampling With one-line input,
input signals are captured at a sampling
frequency of 2,000/sec
as close to real time as possible
(frequency at 1,000/sec each for
two-line input).
Averaging Averaging feature is
selectable between six cycle settings:
1, 10, 30, 50, 100 and 200.
One-cycle averaging allows judgment
in 0.5 ms, which outputs a signal
in response to an instantaneous
variation. 200-cycle averaging is
suitable for slow and smooth control.
Analog delay The amplifier frequency
characteristic is selectable
between high speed (about 1 MHz)
and low speed (about 1 kHz).
Operation For two-line input,
addition/subtraction selection
is available between
“Ch 1 + Ch 2” and “Ch 1 – Ch 2.”



Model ANP-5D ANP-6D
Power supply 24V DC ±10% max.
Current consumption 150mA max.
A/D conversion Successive approximation; 12-bit (4096 division)
Measuring range 0-5/0-10 VDC (selectable with switch)
Resolution Analog input with 5 V setting: 1.221 mV (calculated value)
Analog input with 10 V setting: 2.442 mV (calculated value)
Analog input 1-line input for Ch 1/2-line input; addition or subtraction available
Display format 5-digit: 20.000 V (max.)- -10,000 V (min.)
Display size 7-segment red LED; character size: 8 x 4 mm
Display frequency 20 times/s
Sampling frequency 1-line input: 2,000/s; 2-line input: 1,000/s
Averaging 1/10/30/50/100/200 times (selectable)
No. of outputs 3 (L/M/S) 4(HH/HL/LO/LL)
Rating NPN open collector output / Rating:
sink current 100 mA (30 VDC) max.
Indicator 3 indicators (L: Red / M: Orange / S: Yellow) 4 indicators(HH:RED / HI:Orange/LO: Yellow/ LL: Green) 4 indicators(HH:RED / HI:Orange/LO: Yellow/ LL: Green)
Activation level Closed or 1.0 VDC or lower
Deactivation level Open or 2.8 VDC or higher
Response time Activation: 35 ms max.; deactivation: 70 ms max.
Indicator Green (front panel)
Reference setting 2 5-digit settings: [1] P/L (large), [2] P/S (small) 4 5-digit settings: [1] HH [2] HI [3] LO [4] LL
Analog delay Amplifier frequency characteristic: H: high frequency/L: low frequency (selectable with switch)
Case material Resin
Connection Terminal block/DIN panel mounting
Mass 350g max
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