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Trend Retrieval View - Immediate recall of previously stored data is as closed as a mouse click

Historical trends can be recalled, edited and used to be printed as hard copies or to be exported to spreadsheets for further analysis.


Industry Standard File Data Format

Data is stored in binary and exportable to CSV format, which is handled by popular spreadsheet software packages such as Microsoft Excel. Data can be directly imported allowing the user to take full advantage of spreadsheet software features.




· Editing Files
Chart sections can be "cut out" and put into a      
new file. Two file formats are available:

MSR File
This format is readable in the MSR128 Trend Retrieval View.
Excel File (engineering unit)
Conversion to CSV format, which can be directly exported to Microsoft Excel. Analog data is converted into actual engineering unit values as specified in Pen Configuration.

Output Data to the Printer

The PC Recorder can output the trend data of specified pens for the printer. This makes for easy and convenient reporting.

Trend Retrieval View
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