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Trend & Log - MSRPAC

MSRPAC-2005 PC Recorder Software Package

MSR128-V4 — Full Featured PC Recorder Software
  • Ideal for logging, trending and analyzing continuous process and batch applications.
  • Up to 128 channels can be monitored simultaneously.
  • Maximum sampling rate of 500 ms for 128 channels.
  • High speed sampling 100 ms with R3 series TCP/IP module.
  • Four network R1M modules can be polled with remote limit alarming.

    The MSR128 works with all PC Recorder modules. The MSR128 software polls data from the input module, plots the value on the screen and stores it to the PC’s hard drive. The data is polled, plotted and stored at a maximum rate of 500 ms for 128 channels. Historical trends can be recalled, edited and used to be printed as hard copies or to be exported to spreadsheets for further analysis.

    (The MSRPAC is not included with R3 / R5 Series.)
MSR128LV / MSR128LS — PC Recorder-Light
  • Ideal for basic logging and trending purposes
  • Maximum sampling rate of 50 ms for 8 channels, 500 ms to 1 minute for the total of 120 channels

The MSR128LV and MSR128LS is a Windows-PC-based software program which connects to economical I/O modules such as models RZMS, R1M and R2M series for DC mV, mA, thermocouple, RTD/potentiometer inputs and discrete I/Os.
Compared to the popular PC Recorder software, MSR128, the MSR128-Light is designed to operate on a PC of relatively low performance, even a Windows 98 PC, though certain functions of the MSR128 which require the PC’s high performance, are not available.

(The MSRPAC is not included with R3 / R5 Series.)

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