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Trend & Log - 7xET

Paperless Recording System

Model 73ET, 74ET, 75ET 
  • Best suitable to replace conventional panel-mount chart recorders
  • Panel mount adaptor to make the Paperless Recorder fit into the existing DIN panel cutout
  • Flexible I/O type and points up to 128 channels
  • Data stored in a CF card
  • Data can be exported to the host PC via Ethernet; Compatible with the MSR128 data

M-System’s 7xET series is a Windows CE based touch-panel display installed with simplified on-site PC Recorder software. Data from PC Recorder I/O modules can be transferred via Ethernet in real time to the PC Recorder Software (MSR128) installed in a host PC.
It can also function as an independent local site recorder in conjunction with I/O modules connected via RS-232C or RS-485. Data can be then stored in a CF card, retrieved and edited on the MSR128 separately.
A wide selection of Modbus I/O modules compatible with M-System’s PC Recorder series are available.


Click model no. to view specifications in PDF.
Model No.
Windows CE V3.0
Windows CE V3.0
Windows CE V3.0
SH4, 200 MHz
SH4, 200 MHz
SH3, 133 MHz
Data Storage device
CF Card, max. 512 MB
CF Card, max. 512 MB
CF Card, max. 448 MB
TFT Color LCD,
12.1-inch SVGA
TFT Color LCD,
7.4-inch VGA
TFT Color LCD,
5.7-inch QVGA
800 x 600 pixels
640 x 480 pixels
320 x 240 pixels
Effective display area
246 x 184.5 mm
149.7 x 112.3 mm
115.2 x 86.4 mm
Power input
24 Vdc
24 Vdc
100-240 Vac, 24 Vdc
External dimensions
W317 x H243 x D58 mm
W215 x H170 x D60 mm
W170.5 x H138 x D76.7 mm
Panel mount adaptor

288-mm square DIN panel cutout

288-mm square DIN panel cutout

144-mm square DIN panel cutout
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