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When it comes to measuring power, M-System offers a full line of power measuring transducers. These products report AC volts, AC current, power factor, watts, vars and phase angles measurements. From 1A AC to 3000A AC, M-System has a solution for you.
LT Series
Power Transducers
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  • AC current up to 5A, AC voltage up to 550V.
  • True RMS sensing
  • Auxiliary powered and self powered types selectable
  • Surface or DIN rail mounting
  • M4 screw terminal
  • Conform to IEC 60688
  • Optional terminal cover
  • Additional pulse rate output for totalizing counter for watt transducers

Multi Power Monitor with Modbus
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  • Measures AC current, voltage, active/reactive/apparent power, power factor, frequency, active/reactive energy and neutral conductor current
  • Three digital meters
  • AC/DC universal power input
  • Optional Modbus communication (pending)
  • Conforms to IEC 688

Multi Power Transducer
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  • Measures AC current, voltage, active/reactive/apparent power and power factor
  • AC/DC universal power input
  • Conforms to IEC 688

Multi Power Transducer with Modbus
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  • Monitors multiple power parameters with one unit
  • Supports three-phase / 3- or 4-wire configurations
  • 8 field-configurable AC power monitoring parameters
  • 10 analog outputs representing various power parameters
  • Modbus RTU output for remote system monitoring
  • Watthour pulse for total power consumption
  • Ideal for power qualiry and power management and control

High AC Current Transmitter
with Integral Probe
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  • Wide bandwidth 4 Hz up to 10 kHz
  • Rogowski type probe ensures stable measurement.
  • Flexible current probe can be clipped around a conductor without disconnecting the conductor.
  • Measuring in tight places as never before possible.
  • 300 Amps type and 3000 Amps type available
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