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Surge Protector - Life Monitor

Life Monitor / Surge Counter

  • Life monitor function helps you to decide when you should replace the lightning surge protector; reduces maintenance and prevents downtime
  • LED display and alarm contact output indicate the degradation and life span of the surge protection circuits

Model MAA
120/240 Vac power supplies up to 5 amps
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Model MDM2A
4-20 mAdc and pulse signal line

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Model MAAC
4-/2-wire transmitters 120/240 Vac power supplies
Surge counter function

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Model MDPA
4-20 mAdc and pulse signal line

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Without question, the main complaint in the industry with regard to lightning surge protectors is the difficulty in determining whether the surge or lightning protector installed to protect your control system components is still functional. M-System's latest addition to their vast variety of surge suppression devices solves this problem.

Lightning surge protector Models MDM2A and MAA provide 'health indication' for easy monitoring, maintaining and verifying the functionality of these control system protection devices. These lightning surge protectors include an amber alarm indicator to alert panel inspectors that lightning surge protector has reached its useful life and should be replaced before loss of surge protection. If these units are not replaced promptly, the alarm indicator changes from amber to red upon a complete loss of surge and lightning protection.

In addition to the life monitor function, this counter function will help you to gather statistical information on vulnerable spots throughout your installation, for more efficient surge protection measures.

Modern day industrial equipment relies heavily on microprocessor-based technology. This makes it essential for critical control components to be protected from lightning, transients and surges. M-System lightning surge protectors with health indication operate by monitoring the leakage current from signal to earth ground. Additionally the number of suppressed surges is also monitored. When a predetermined level of either the leakage current or number of suppressed surges is exceeded, the health indicator illuminates.

Low in cost, these devices pay for themselves by providing early warning alarms and reducing ongoing unnecessary panel maintenance. To give you an idea of their functionality, consider opening a panel with a large number of lightning surge protectors. Instead of unplugging and testing every unit, for M-System's life monitor series all that is necessary is a quick visual indication. No further tools or checking are required!

When it comes to comparing the cost of downtime versus lightning surge protector replacement, the choice is obvious.

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