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Record View - Equivalent Chart Recorders Features in a PC

The PC Recorder is a full-featured software package based on traditional chart recorders. This accelerates the operator learning curve and also adds several advanced functions not found in chart recorders. Additionally, the cost of the PC recorder hardware and software is 1/3 the cost of a traditional recorder.
Pen Configuration & Alarm Setting

The MSR128 software polls data from analog input modules and allows the user to set up remote limit alarming to another module in a different location. Limit conditions are user-defined for each input channel, allowing the user to specify the device address and alarm channel. The output device can be located anywhere along the RS-485 network.

Alarm History

The Alarm Information and Alarm History windows function indispensable for a data logger, enable personnel to be notified when an alarm event occurs and to review alarm history records.
In the Alarm Setting dialog box, you can specify which tags you want to be notified when an alarm trips, together with a message to be added. The Alarm Information window appears on the screen with a beep sound in an alarm condition, showing Time Stamp, Tag Name, Pen No. and Message. The line continues blinking until the alarm is acknowledged.

Multi-view & Horizontal Trending
In the Multi-View, the screen is divided in two to show two sets of 8-pen Record views at once. One of the views can be 2-Group Overview.
Both views have independent control panels with Pen Information buttons and Display Group selectors just as single Record view. Added to each are view selectors to specify the view type: Horizontal Chart, Perpendicular Chart or Overview.
Using Two Different Time Spans
With two perpendicular charts, the division of the charts can be                                                               shifted so that they display two different time spans. Combinations of fast and slow transient phenomena, and of discrete and analog signals, can be visualized to the best on the screen.
Measured Signal and Control Status Monitoring
Combining a trend chart with the Overview is useful for flow and power measurement applications. For example, the flow trend and the pump’s ON-OFF status, and the watt-hour trend and the breaker’s ON-OFF status, can be displayed at once.
Horizontal Trending
                                                              In the Multi-view, horizontal trending can be specified. Two                                                               sets of horizontal trend charts can show 16-point signals. One                                                               of the views can be an Overview.
Storing Mode

· Storing Interval
Eight storing interval options are available. Sampled data can be averaged.
Average over Storing Interval is useful to remove ripples, spikes, and other noises.
Storing Interval setting is useful to save disk space for slowly changing signals when Instantaneous Value at Storing Time is selected.

· Storing Mode and Conditions

Store Continuously
Recording is manually operated on the Control Panel. However, you can specify a time duration after which the recording is automatically stopped.
Also 'Event' Recording is available in this mode. Detecting an external trigger signal turned ON, the PC Recorder stores a preset number of samples (max. 3600) before and after the event moment.

Store Conditionally
Recording is automatically triggered according to the signal conditions of a certain channel.
With an analog signal selected as trigger, when the value comes into a specific zone predetermined by an Alarm Setting, the PC Recorder starts recording until the signal comes out of the zone again.
With a discrete signal selected as trigger, the PC Recorder stores when the signal is either ON or OFF as specified.
Store at Defined Time
Recording is automatically triggered at specified time. One-time or Everyday recording can be selected.


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