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Universal Input Modules


  • Modbus RTU Network
  • External Trigger Input
  • Remote Limit Alarming
  • Data Collection by PC Recorder Software
Model RZUS-U9 Bus Powered USB 12-Point Universal Input Module
  • 5V (approx. 0.25A) powered through the USB cable
  • 12-point universal inputs indepedently configurable for each channel
  • Supports 13 TC types, 12 RTD types, potentiometer and ±12 Vdc inputs (current input with resistors)
  • Easily expandable via RS-485

Model RZUS-U9 is a high performance 12-point universal input module designed for remote I/O and data acquisition applications. The Modbus RTU protocol enables interfacing with the PC Recorder software, MSRPAC-2005.

Model RZUS-U9, designed to be powered through the USB cable, is ideal for mobile use with its flexible input capabilities just like the model RZMS-U9. It conforms to Full Speed USB 2.0, fully hot-swappable by meeting the standard’s strict inrush current limitation, and applicable to the PC’s power saving control (low energy consuming ‘Suspend’ mode).

A 500 Vpeak channel-to-channel isolation plus isolation between external trigger input, communication ports and alarm contact output is provided.

The RZUS-U9 features superb noise filtering capabilities for 50/60 Hz line. NMNR ratio to the line frequency and its harmonic contents can be optimized by setting the rear DIP switch. Each input circuit has a CR filter of sufficient large time constant so that there will be little effect of line noise such as 500 mVac superposed on a thermocouple or ±60 mV input.

The PC Configurator software RZMSCFG features CJC to individual channels, programmable first order lag filter, selectable burnout for T/C and RTD input. Others include Modbus communication parameter, hardware information, continuous input monitoring, zero and span trimming, leadwire resistance compensation for RTD input, and etc.

Model RZMS-U9 for Expanded Network Use
  • Supports 13 TC types, 12 RTD types, potentiometer
    and ±12 Vdc inputs (current input with resistors)
  • 500 Vpeak isolation between each analog input, trigger, power and alarm
  • Includes both RS-232C and RS-485 communication ports
  • Excellent noise rejection ratio for stable and accurate
    measurement in extreme environments
I/O Specifications
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Universal Input Isolated 12 Points
I/O Specifications
DC voltage: ±60mV, ±125mV, ±250mV, ±500mV, ±1000mV, ±3V,                       ±6V, ±12V
DC current with shunt resistor
T/C:               K, E, J, T, B, R, S, C, N, U, L, P
RTD:             Pt100, Pt200, Pt300, Pt400, Pt500, Pt1000, Pt50, Ni100,                       Ni120, Ni508.4, Ni-Fe604, Cu10
POT:             200O, 500O, 5kO

Trigger input: Dry contact, 1 point
Alarm output: Photo-MOSFET relay, 1 point
12 Points
500 Vpeak between channels, I/O to FG
USB, RS-485
RS-485, RS-232C
Power Input
USB power
(high power device)
100-240 VAC or 24 VDC
Modbus interface
RTU, analog data in 24-bit floating point, 38.4 kbps
DIN rail, wall mount with screws, desk top
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