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Is there a way to protect electronic instruments from a direct lightning strike?
A remote field transmitter connected to a local indicator which is protected by a lightning surge protector begins to show inconsistent display values. What could be the trouble?
A control room instrument was damaged during a recent lightning strike. What can be done to prevent this damage in the future?
A transmitter that is attached to a panel located indoors was damaged by a recent lightning strike. Can you explain why this occurred?
Is a lightning surge protector necessary for a power source line?
During a recent lightning storm, the power was turned off but some instruments were still damaged. Can you explain this?
An instrument was blackened by a lightning strike via a lightning rod. Is there a reason for this?
It has been said that if you use buried cables, then that is enough protection from lightning. Is this a true statement?
How much resistance is appropriate when grounding the M-RESTER?
Is an instrument safe if the lightning surge protector on the power supply line is damaged?
A field transmitter was connected to a lightning surge protector, but it was still damaged by a lightning strike. Can you tell me why?
After a lightning storm, there was no input from the remote RTD sensor to the temperature transmitter. There is no detectable damage to the transmitter. What could have happened?
Use a Watchdog for Troubled Spots
M-Rester Application in Waterworks
We are using universal input transmitter, M3LU with 4-wire RTD sensor.
We’d like to install lightning surge protector for this system. Does M-System have any lightning protector for 4-wire RTD sensor signal use?


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