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We are planning to input the signal from a level sensor at field to DCS of which 4-20mAdc input is required. We chose M-System's current loop supply (model YVD). 3-wire conncetion is required in the level sensor, however, the YVD is for 2-wire sensor connection as far as I check in the specification sheet. Do you have any current loop supply unit to meet 3-wire type level sensor. Or can I used the YVD for the sensor?
In order to supply power to two-wire transmitter, we are planning to use your current loop supply (model DS-24). The output 1 will be provided to a recorder, and the output 2 to a computer. As far as I looked over its specification sheet, we could not find any description of load resistance for each output.
We are planning to measure the temperature of brick making furnace with thermocouple. In ordinary case we check it in the control room, 200 meters far from the furnace. We also want to check it at the furnace site but we do not have a power for instrumentation equipment there.
Do you have any good idea?
We have a two-wire type flow meter. The signal from this flow meter needs to be displayed on a bar graph indicator (1-5 VDC). Meanwhile, this signal also needs to be converted to 4-20mA DC and feed into a PLC.
What is the most efficient way to achieve this?


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