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What is an effective or a root mean square value of an alternating current and of an alternating voltage?
What is average power of an AC circuit?
What is the electric power in an electric circuit with a pure resistance?
How can the electric power of an electric circuit with resistance and inductance be calculated?
Why is a three-phase alternating current used often for electric devices?
What is bi-directional power flow?
Why does phase difference occur? What is power factor?
Why does waveform get distorted?
What does the CT protector (M-System model CTM) that is installed onto the socket of the transmitter do?
The display of the current meter on our control panel differs from that of a digital indicating tester. The current meter receives the signal from a CT transmitter. Why does the difference occur?
What is the two-wattmeter method that is suitable to unbalanced load in measurement of three-phase power?
Can we obtain integrated power with a power transducer?
We want to measure active power in 3-phase/3-wire, balanced system, with single current transformer, not two.
Combination of DCS with power management system
What are the input waveform requirements when using average sensing VS. RMS sensing type current/voltage transducers?
M-System's Power Transducers have no earth ground connection terminal. Why is this?
I want to measure electric power with a power transducer to provide a pulse output&. Do you have a transducer which can correspond to the change of CT or PT after installed and wired, and the pulse unit (Wh/pulse) of which can be set on site?
We are planning to monitor AC current signal 0-5A from a current transformer (CT) on a PC. Because the scanning time of PC is fast, we are looking for a fast-response type Power Transducer to meet the feature of this measurement target.
Bidirectional current transducer -- What is this transducer used for? How different from normal AC current (CT) transducers such as model LCE?
How to get two pulse outputs for bidirenctional power?
Why do we need to mount a CT protector on plug-in CT transducers?
How to determine the VT input value for 3-phase/4-wire configuration for M-System's watt transducers such as the model LTWT?
We have just integrated two equipment systems together. Now besides the instantaneous power consumption of each system, we also need to monitor the aggregated power consumption as well. Do you have any good advice for this?


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