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We are now using the potentiometer transmitter for the potentiometer (0 -3k ohms) at site. But we are forced to change this potentiometer (0-3k ohms) to another potentiometer (0-2k ohms)….
In ratio control, I need to change the ratio manually at the front of the panel.
Automated control of inverter frequency - applying DC/potentiometer converter
Do you have a remote settable potentiometer?
Water flow based on a level signal in a waterway is being measured. Can I have a transmitter which provides an output linear to the flow? The level signal is transmitted by a potentiometer with a resistance value linear to the level.
I am looking for a signal conditioner which can output either 0V or 10V DC by switching ON-OFF contact.
We are now using the potentiometer transmitter; model: M2MS for the potentiometer (0 to 3k ohms) at site. But we are forced to change this potentiometer (0 to 3k ohms) to another potentiometer (0 to 2k ohms).
There is a deck gun for fire protection in a garbage incinerator site. We are thinking to use a potentiometer for detecting the traverse angle and elevation angle of the deck gun. We want to transfer the angle signal to a control room at 200-meter distance from the field. We’d like to minimize the field panel size as much as possible, hence we think to install a potentiometer transmitter at the control room and wire the signal from the field’s potentiometer sensor to the control room. Is this a realistic idea for us to wire the sensor for 200 meters?
We plan to install a damper gear on fresh air supply duct for air volume adjustment purpose.
We are going to measure the damper gate opening/shutting signal on the indicator at field end and control room end. The damper gear includes 125 ohm potentiometer as gate opening detector. We want to get 1-5 Vdc for field indication and 4-20 mAdc for control room indication.
Other condition we need is small sized conditioner so that we can install it into existing small field panel. Does M-System have the conditioner fit to this application?
We plan to replace an actuator at field. We are going to convert the actuator’s feedback potentiometer signal to a standard 4-20 mAdc signal and then we are going to transmit the 4-20 mA to control room for monitoring.
Does M-System have field-mounted 2-wire potentiometer transmitter? With regard to a power supply for the transmitter, we are going to use the current loop supply, the M5DY.


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