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What's the isolator unit used for?
Our system consists of various manufacturers' instruments, and sometime we meet errors of unknown origin. Each manufacturer of the system says their part of system has no problem. Any idea ?
Can you tell us how to minimize a destruction of instruments at control room site caused by a field instrument trouble?
It is said that the grounding at two locations would cause errors. Why? How can I handle the problem?
At start up of our control system, we can detect signal influences between different instruments. Is there a simple solution for this?
The output signal response decreases after installing an isolator unit into a loop for data-logging of vibration analysis. Any solution ?
 We have a requirement for a contact signal from the field to be input into a computer. Can M-System's Model M2SV handle this?
 Can we use a loop power supply unit as an isolator unit having 4 - 20mA DC as the input signal?
 I want to convert the difference (absolute value) of 2 signals A and B to 4-20mA DC. Please explain the method and a transmitter to be used.
 I want to transmit instantaneour value (4-20mA DC) of CT current (0-5A AC) on a power panel in the field to a monitoring room as well as get a high alarm contact signal. However there is not instrument power on site and transmitters cannot be installed there.
Standard M2VS output is up to 12V, but I need 0-15 Vdc.
I plan to indicate a flow signal 4-20mADC (corresponding to 0-2000 l/h) used in a plant on two indicators with different scaling. The existing indicators are A. 4-20mA DC input with the scale 0-1500 l/h and B. 0-5V dc input with the scale 0-100 l/h. I want to used them. the actual flow does not exceed 1000 l/h. can i deal with this with a single transmitter and adjusting the scaling?
When tank level of irregular shape is being measured with the use of a level transmitter, it takes a lot of troubles to measure the volume of tank.
Air flow from a blower is being controlled remotely with a flow setter (angle setter of a damper), which is very difficult to set the air flow.
Interface problems with the proliferation of systems in plants
PLC product lines with NON-isolated analog inputs
An engineering company had specified an analyzer and a DCS system. During startup they discovered that both devices were trying to power the loop. Additionally the DCS was providing a common power supply for multiple loops.
What is the difference between 2-wire and Loop-powered?
We want to get 4-20mA DC from a control circuit to provide the signal to a speed controller. However, one problem is that there is a difference in electric potential (50 to 100V) between each of the ground, the control circuit and the speed controller. what can we do in this case?
The "master" drive must control four separate "slave" drives from a single 4-20mA DC signal.
How to beat loop impedance constraints
Current-to-voltage transducers give strange output readings.
Which type of isolators to choose from?
"super" SV unit
To monitor a solar power system, we measure an output voltage of its system and want to receive an alarm outputs if the measuring value fell than a set value. We had used a DC Alarm, model AS4V previously, but this time, the measuring voltage range is to be 0-1,000Vdc which is not able to input directly to the AS4V. Additionally, our existing panel room is not so large.
Do you have any good idea to solve our problem?
We have replaced an old, out-of-order pressure transmitter which outputs 10-50 mAdc. The new one, on the other hand, outputs 4-20 mAdc, so we have also purchased a 4-20 mA current loop supply model M2DY-A-M to power the transmitter.
The only instrument we do not want to replace is the expensive receiving instrument in the control room which is suitable only for 10-50 mA signals, and is still in good working order.
We have to find a way to convert 4-20 mA into 10-50 mA signals to maintain the compatibility between the field and the control room.
Does M-System have a suitable transmitter for this application?
We are preparing UPS in our power monitoring system for system backup purpose in case of blackout. On a power monitoring panel, we also want to monitor UPS’s charging condition by using digital indicator. Does M-System have any transmitter for this application? For your reference, our UPS’s battery capacity is 12 Vdc at full charging.


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