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I am looking for a product, which can add two types of flow. Besides, I need thin unit because there is much room in the existing cabinets.
DC wattage monitor system
How do I determine wattage from a DC source?
With model M2MLS (inputs:1-5V DC, output: 4-20mA), when both inputs 1 and 2 are 0V DC, the M2MLS provides the output greater than 4mA. Why?
I want to determine the ratio of air and fuel flow for combustion control in order to improve the efficiency.
I have two signals. When one of them multiplied with a certain factor exceeds another signal, I need an alarm.
I'm looking for a product that can be used for ratio control of flow but need to change the ratio frequently. Without using a tester or a screwdriver, is there any product to match my request?
I am looking for a product that can be used for ratio control of air/fuel flows and I periodically have to change the ratio. Is there any product to meet my requirement?
In my current PID controller setup, when a contact signal changes the Set Value (SV) in the control loop, the PID process controller responds with a sudden increase of the manipulated value, causing instability in the control process. How could it be possible to make any controller MV responses to SV changes more gradual?
Rate-of-change monitor/alarm
We have a mixing machine for adhesives. When the rotating speed of its motor becomes too high, the motor is heated and turns to dangerous condition. Can you tell us how to limit the max rotating speed by a remote signal?
Due to the common mode noise problem, we urgently need isolation for the 4-20mA current loop. But we don't have an isolator right now. And we have an isolated type High/Low selector as a spare part. Can we use this unit (M2SES, inputs 4-20mA, output 4-20mA)?
Peak Monitoring
I have an application where my input signal to a signal conditioner is constantly rising and falling. How can I maintain the output from the signal conditioner so that it will only increase in response for a rising value?
When measuring the quantity contained in a storage tan, how can I measure the amount already used up, rather than the amount presently contained with in the tank?
We are measuring the current of a motor by a signal conditioner via CT (current transformer) is being measured. This signal (4-20 mA) goes to a telemetering device to transmit to a control room. But in the event when the motor is switched on, the signal conditioner outputs more than 20 mA due to a rush current. by that, the signal is recognized as motor default.
Signal Limiting control
Split Range Control
I want to adjust zero point by remote contact signal. Do you have a suitable transmitter?
How can I maintain a specific output from a signal conditioner at certain deliberate times?
Liquid Density Measurement
pH control in floatation process -- applying field programmable signal conditioners
Measurent of heating medium flow supplied to heat exchanger
We use a Math function Module model JF to measure two tank levels. Today we removed the unit from its loop and provided a simulation signal 4-20mA DC to it by using a signal generator as show in Fig.1 to calibrate it for shutdown maintenance. However, we couldn't get the output correctly. Why?
When one of the three input terminals is open because this input is reserved for future expansion system, will there be any problem? The equation is as follows: X0=K0{K1(X1 + A1) + K2(X2 + A2) + K3(X3 + A3)} + A0
Wind speed is being measured with an anemometer with north as center. Currently 4-20mA DC signal corresponding to wind speed 0-1000 rpm for north to east direction is indicated on a meter and another 4-20mA DC signal corresponding to 0-1000 rpm for north to west direction on another meter. I want to indicate these two signals on a single meter.
The customer is a printing company who is producing LCD color filters and supplying them to many electronic companies. To keep the color filter’s good quality, they use a clean room in their factory manufacturing process. There are 2 (two) pressure sensors in the clean room. Each sensor’s output is a 4-20mA DC. They want to control the clean room’s fan inverter system in proportion to the average output of the 2 (two) pressure sensors. Therefore, they need to get an average value of two pressure sensors as a 4-20mA DC standard signal.
Does M-System have a suitable adder unit for this application?
I use an output signal (1-5 Vdc) from a water level indicator and watch water level of a tank.
I use a pump and pull out water of a tank, but the tank suffers from minus number pressure when I operate the pump. It is about 0.3 V fall of output signal,1-5 Vdc. This minus number pressure troubles us to do a precise measuring of tank level.
Could you suggest how to bias the output signal of 0.3 V when the pump works?


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