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I want to measure variation of a signal and to alarm when the variation (deviation from the initial value) exceeds a certain value.
I want to have an alarm when the temperature difference in 2 measuring points exceeds the preset range. I need to distinguish positive temperature difference (deviation) from negative deviation.
ON/OFF pump control
I plan to monitor in an office valve travel installed in the field. Can I get four alarm contact signals (HH, H, L, LL) by just installing a pair of CVV cales between the field and the office?
Smooth tank level control by staging four pumps
Deviation alarm or water level difference and driftage separator protection in open channels
One of the AYDV's input signals is limited to 1-5Vdc. Our customer wishes to have both inputs 4-20mA DC. Can we use the resistor module?
We are fish farmer. There are 2 (two) illuminating lamp beside a farm pond and these lamps are turned on all the time. For prompt system recovery purpose, we’d like to have alarm contact signal when the lamps could be run off or failure. Does M-System have any limit alarm unit for this purpose? We are using 60W illuminating lamp that is supplied 100V AC power input.


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