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What is a thermocouple?
What kind of thermocouples are used?
How should we choose a thermocouple?
What is cold junction compensation?
Why are extension wires used?
What is a thermocouple with a thermo-well?
How does M-System provide cold junction compensation in its thermocouple transmitter?
What is burn-out thermocouple?
We need to connect a recorder and a thermocouple transmitter in parallel with the extension wires from a thermocouple. Is there any problem in the connection?
How can we obtain a linearized signal from a thermocouple?
What precaution should we use when installing extension wire between a thermocouple and a thermocouple transmitter?
The distance between a thermocouple in the field and the control panel is as long as 100 meters (300 ft). Is there any way to eliminate the long extension wires?
Which thermocouple transmitter do you recommend to accurately measure temperature in such narrow ranges as 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)?
How can we display the maximum and the minimum temperatures measured with a thermocouple transmitter?
How can we generate alarm signals when the difference between two temperatures exceed the limit? We need alarms for the plus and the minus deviation, separately.
How can we generate alarm signals when a measured temperature is beyond the set point.
What is a process diagram of a typical temperature control system for a furnace?
How can we protect a thermocouple from lightning?
All M-System Thermocouple Input Temperature Transmitters are "married" to their respective plug-in bases and can not be indiscriminately moved from base to base.
Chelan Coutry P.U.D. (Public Utility District)
To manage a vinyl house efficiently, I want to monitor the room temperature as well as the temperature difference from the outside temperature. How can I realize the flowing two functions? A: indicating the room temperature. B: providing an alarm signal when the temperature difference exceeds a preset value. the temperature detection sensor is RTD.
We have a project to measure the temperature of a deep well about 1000 meters under the ground with Pt100 ohms, resistance temperature detector. Do you have any idea on this?
I am measuring motor temperature. An RTD is connected to the motor and I like to transmit the data to a PLC located off site over the Modbus communication. A PLC may be used to control the load to the motor or to shut down the motor as needed to prevent burnout.
Output Effect of Thermocouple Transmitter (M2XT)
Temperature control (type "J" thermocouple)
We are planning to measure temperature of an electric furnace with termocouplein our laboratory. Since we do a lot of experiments, we have to change thermocouple types and temperature ranges from time to time. How we can reduce our stock of transmitters to suit our purpose.
To monitor the temperature in incinerator, we are thinking of using a thermocouple sensor to send 4-20mA signals to control room. Meanwhile, we also need an alarm device at field in case the temperature goes out of range. What can you propose for this application?
We are looking for a differential RTD transmitter in order to measure a temperature difference between 2 rooms. And displaying it on indicator as voltage scaling, -5 to +5V DC.
We know M-System has a differential RTD transmitter, the DR/DRS but it can accept just 2-wire RTD signals. Does M-System have this kind of transmitter that can accept 3-wire RTD signals?
We work for an incineration plant.
Using a heat exchanger, waste heat is reused for an air conditioning energy in the facility. How can we monitor the temperature difference between the hot air in and the cooled air out of a heat exchanger?


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