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Weighing system with push-botton tare
Measuring the rate of material conveyed on a conveyer belt
Measuring the flow output by straing gauge transmitter
Zero point compensation for strain gauge transmitter
We use M-System's strain gauge transmitter model MXLCF. When we re-adjust the excitation voltage to 6V, which is the recommended value of the strain gauge, the indicator displays 20% greater (=6 tons) than the actual load (5 tons = input 50%).
I have an application involving the simple need to convert a millivolt signal from a load cell into a 4-20mA DC to go to a PLC. Our load cell is calibrated for 2mV/V with a 10V dc excitation supply. Which unit should I use?
I want to use M-System's strain gauge transmitter model M2LCS. But there is a problem. The excitation voltage of the M2LCS is 5V, while the recommended excitation voltage of my strain gauge is 12V.


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