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What are major characteristics of model M2PP?
I want to indicate an integrated flow value by 4-20mA dc analog signal output by a 2-wire electromagnetic flowmeter.
I need to indicate flow pulse signals (10,000 pulses/hour) at two independent integrating counters. Maximum input to each counter is 500 pulses/hour.
Model JPA Application
A positive displacement flowmeter is used to measure the flow of a variety of different viscosity liquids. The flow rates range from 0-5 gpm to 0-50 gpm. The flow rates relate to a DC pulse frequency from a proximity sensor of 0-1.2 Hz to 0-12.0 Hz. I need one frequency to analog transmitter that will provide a 4-20 mA DC signal under both conditions and for any other frequency range which may occur in this application.
Will the model MTD work according to the following specs?….
What is "cutout" function of new frequency transmitters? Is it not "low-end cutout"?
In the factory we are using the flow meter that outputs the pulse signal. With this signal we want to know an instantaneous flow. Which M-System products do you suggest for this application?
We are from an institute of a pharmacy company.
We are thinking of using a math converter to count the pulse signal from a flow meter so as to measure flow volume. The flow meter sends out 1 pulse every 0.333 ml. Now we want to apply a signal conditioner to the flow meter so that it can generate a pulse every 1 ml for the math converter to count. Is there any kind of signal conditioner that can be used for this by purpose?


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