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Web Tensioning

D e s c r i p t i o n :
Our customer needs to load a continuous web of paper into their machine and then maintain tension on the web.

O b j e c t i v e :
A PLC is required to set constant motor speeds so that a continuous web of paper can be automatically fed into a machine. Once the paper is properly loaded, the PLC will direct the motor to maintain a constant tension on the web as the machine performs its process. The PLC needs to control the web speeds and tension levels by using the PLC's digital outputs.

S o l u t i o n :
A servo amplifier was chosen for this application. The amplifier's operation mode was set to “preset torques” and the operation mode override was set to “preset velocities.” The three digital inputs were assigned to be “preset select inputs” and the fourth input was reassigned to be the “operation mode override input.” All eight preset velocities and all eight preset torques were set to customer specifications. The PLC used only four digital outputs to control eight different tension (current/torque) levels and eight different speeds.

P r o d u c t s U s e d :
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Servo Motor
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