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Multi-Axis Pick & Place

D e s c r i p t i o n :
A manufacturer of metal parts needs to automate their existing heat treating process.

O b j e c t i v e :
The process required that the part be automatically inserted and removed from the oven as well as control how long the part was in the oven. The motion control equipment's inputs and outputs had to be compatible with the existing PLC that was already in place.

S o l u t i o n :
Three separate IDC Smart Drives were used to automate the system. The first one controlled part insertion and was programmed to move various

distances based on the variation in part size. The second axis controlled the carousel's rotation distance and the speed at which it rotated. The speed of rotation, coupled with appropriate dwells, controlled the part's time in the oven. This insured that the part reached the proper heat treating temperature. The third axis's motion was similar to the first and removed the part from the oven. All three were easy to program via the front panel keypad.

P r o d u c t s U s e d :
S6961: IDC's Smart Drive
S33-EM: IDC's Step Motor with Encoder


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