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Film Spooling

D e s c r i p t i o n :
Our customer has a need to wind their film product onto a spool at a constant speed.

O b j e c t i v e :

Material needs to be transported at a constant speed across a number of capstans during the manufacturing process. The finished product is then wound onto a spool for shipment. The spool's speed needs to be faster when it's empty and slower when it's full in order to maintain a constant linear process speed.

S o l u t i o n :
The Minarik DLC500 can be programmed to accelerate the drive very slowly, taking up the slack in the material and then finally turning the capstans. One of the capstans has an encoder connected to it. As the material builds up on the spool, the capstan/encoder turns faster signaling the DLC500 to slow down the motor's drive and to maintain a constant linear speed throughout the spooling process.

P r o d u c t s U s e d :
Minarik - DLC500 Digital closed loop control
Minarik - MM23011C SCR motor speed control
Danaher - Encoder 523-5000-0-8-0-8 5000 line encoder
PowerVolt - BVA-5AS1.5-OVP Five volt power supply @ 1.5 amps to power the encoder

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